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Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge:
This refuge has approximately 4,000 acres of restored prairie, wetlands and forested areas. There are five miles of trails, which includes a mile of paved trail.

Located on the west side of the Missouri River, 3 miles east of Fort Calhoun.

Contact Information:
Boyer Chute
3720 Rivers Way
Ft. Calhoun, NE 68023
Phone: (402) 468-4313

DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge:
DeSoto is an important national wildlife refuge located around an old oxbow of the Missouri River. It encompasses 8,361 acres both in Iowa and Nebraska. It includes a seven-mile long oxbow lake, as well as forest, grassland, cropland, and wetland habitats. This area serves as a stopover area for migrating waterfowl. Thousands of geese and ducks visit the refuge to rest and refuel during fall migration. There is a great abundance of other bird species and wildlife throughout the year. A visitor center, open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., provides opportunities for viewing waterfowl on the lake. Outdoor viewing platforms are available for closer viewing. There is a 12 mile drive around the refuge and 5 hiking trails for exploration. A 247 species bird list is available. Entry fee required.

Located about halfway between Blair, NE, and Missouri Valley, Iowa.

Contact Information:
1434 316th Lane
Missouri Valley, IA 51555
Phone: (712) 642-4121

Fort Atkinson State Historic Park:
Established in 1820 by request of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, this area includes 2 miles of trails. The area has a cleared grassland area with a reconstructed fort, but is mostly mature riverine hardwood forest. State park entry permit required.

Located 1 mile east of Fort Calhoun.

Contact Information:
Fort Atkinson SHP
PO Box 240
Fort Calhoun, NE 68023-0240
Phone: (402) 468-5611

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Information Provided by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and www.nebraskabirdingtrails.com

Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge photo taken by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff

Swans on the River: Randy Mays for DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge

Fort Atkinson State Historic Park